Education and preventive dental care are the keys to optimal oral health. 

At NY Dental and Medical Management, we want you to avoid major dental problems by reducing your potential for dental diseases and proactively treating problems in the early stage. Prevention is the key to have healthy & beautiful smile.

Our mission is to provide you with healthy teeth and gums and beautiful smile!

We invite you to call (646) 620 95 77 and schedule your dental checkup right away. When you come in, our friendly staff will make sure everything is ready to go. Next, we will take images of your teeth and gums to see if there are any infections or decay that are under the surface. We will also perform a visual inspection of your gums and each one of your teeth. During this time, we will also be looking for signs of infection, tooth decay, gum disease, and oral cancer. If we identify any of these issues, we will discuss treatment options with you and may even be able to treat minor cavities that day. 

Before starting any procedures we will discuss them in detail to ensure that you are comfortable. We will also clean your teeth before you go to ensure that you do not have any lingering plaque or bacteria in your mouth. When you visit our NY Dental and Medical Management, we will provide you the highest quality of care we can, by completing your dental checkup efficiently and gently.